Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Perfect Friday Night

Let’s be honest - there aren’t many places to go for a decent cocktail on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Such a shame. So when I want to get together with a few of my favourite girls there is really only one place that comes to mind - Mermaids on Burleigh. Not only do they have one of the best locations on the Coast - right on the beach, overlooking the waves - but they also have a divine list of tempting drinks. And, if you’re organised enough, you can catch their happy hour drinks during which $3 champagne is served until 7pm (yep, that’s right - $3). Now, that’s gotta make any girl happy.

On this particular visit, however, it was the cocktail menu that we couldn’t resist. And we were not disappointed. I ordered a champagne mojito, which is pretty much what the name suggests - a classic mojito topped up with champagne. It’s long and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the muddled lime and mint. And what’s more, it’s sparkly. Perfection.

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